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5 Best Books for Beginners at Drawing


Posted on June 24, 2014 by

Drawing and sketching can be difficult for some, and people with no formal experience in these skills often seem to think themselves no good at art. But, like any other skill, good principles of drawing can be learned and acquired by those who are willing and patient enough to practice and who truly do want to draw. If you’re interested in learning how to draw, then consider looking into one of these books, designed specifically for beginners and written by professionals. In addition to their helpful techniques and easy-to-follow guides, each book in this list is well-reviewed by critics and customers, and was published within the last decade to stay up-to-date and reflect some of the most current trends in drawing and art. These books may be exactly what you need to help get you started on your path to amazing artistic ability! (more…)

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How to Draw a Landscape


Posted on June 1, 2014 by

Landscape drawing is capturing a scene from nature, and drawing it on paper. Scenery drawing has always been attractive and pleasing to all art lovers.

Planning the Landscape:

Most landscapes are drawn and painted in a horizontal ‘picture plane’. A ‘picture plane’ is referred to the paper or canvas you are drawing upon.


Composition is critical in order for a landscape to look appealing upon completion, and is thus the key to any good scenic work of art. It is important to know where to begin when drawing a landscape. If all the elements to be drawn are placed right, the final product will end up being a well-composed picture. When you are drawing on the spot, and standing at a point to draw, you tend to admire the whole scene and want to place it all on your paper or canvas. This, however, should not be attempted. Only a part of the scene should be chosen and depicted in a drawing. It is also good to take photos of the spot to better choose your composition. (more…)