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How to Draw Hands Using Colored Pencils


Posted on July 5, 2014 by


This tutorial will explain step-by-step how to draw hands using colored pencils. However, before starting our drawing, I want to take a step back and discuss how to effectively use colored pencils for any sketch. Take note of the initial tutorials as they will be referred to once we begin drawing our hands.

Unlike graphite pencils, colored pencils cannot be erased, so it is very important to draw carefully, particularly in the darker areas. When using colored pencils, it’s best to draw tentatively, start lightly, and if it looks good, color over the same area pressing down harder. The choice of color pencils is also important to the sketch quality. Buy good brand of colored pencils and smooth paper. We recommend Polychromos 36 Pencil Metal Tin Set by Faber-Castell. (more…)

Drawing as Therapy


Posted on July 2, 2014 by

When you worry, you get stressed. And stressing over problems never seems to help solve them. We mull over what’s going on, we think through all the bad possibilities and outcomes based on the inputs in our lives, and we end up stressed. And stress doesn’t help anything. You need a way to deal with the stress. Do yourself a favor and grab a pencil and paper and let’s work on decreasing the stress level in your life. (more…)