Things To Draw

Looking for ideas on things to draw?

Here you have 365, one for each day of the year.

Why don’t you pick something from this list and try?

You can send us the result at

We will post it on the website with your name for everybody to see and enjoy!


a coffee cup and saucer

a guitar

a soccer ball

a baseball

swimming cap and goggles

a stack of books

a lamp

a clock

a bicycle

a venetian mask

a melting candle

a few pens/pencils spilled on a table

an apple

a strawberry

a banana

a watermelon


a fruit bowl

a sliced lemon and seeds

a willow tree

a lilly flower

a wine bottle

wine glass (full or empty)

a cheese board with cheeses

a clothes line with laundry

a handful of coins

a computer (keyboard, mouse, etc)

a chair

a table

a pair of scissors

a needle and thread

a gold fish

toothbrush and toothpaste

an iron

a laundry basket of unfolded clothes

your keys

a skeleton key

an orange half peeled

a glass of water

a staircase

an elevator

a water fountain

a waterfall

a door

a window

a stack of flower pots

a gondola

a bookshelf

an English phone booth

an old English taxi

a taxi cab

a stop light

a stop sign


playing cards

a wrist watch

a jewlery box

an partly sliced onion

cloves of garlic

a tomatoe

spring onions/green onions

paper clips

a stapler

a table lamp

an antique telephone

a camera

a checker board with pieces

chess pieces

a cactus


a book of matches

a toilet

an iced cake

a pie

oven mitts

a fireplace

a christmas tree

a pair of socks


a hat

a cowboy hat

a tennis racket

tennis shoes

salt and pepper shakers

a cash register

a gate

a fence

a fly swatter

uncooked pasta

an outlet

a hairdryer

an electical plug

a hammer

a screwdriver

a coat rack

a school bus

a bar of soap

a scale

a mirror

a hairbrush

a teddy bear

a vase of flowers

a sailboat


a maze

a castle

a house

a hotel

a café

a sleeping bag

a roll of toilet paper

a lightbulb

a fire extinguisher

a fire hydrant

a fire escape

a light switch

a magnifying glass

a kangaroo

a palm tree

a wave

a pair of boots

a piano

a violin

a pint of beer

a soda bottle

dog tags

a can of paint

a paintbrush

a flashlight

a tape measure

a snail

a seashell



a tennis ball

shaving cream

a dart board


a tire

a tractor

a truck

a classic car


an archway


a temple

a Chinese lantern

grains of rice


a basket

a Jeep

a sea turtle

a giraffe

a ladybug

a whale

a fruit stand

a hotdog

a carton of eggs

a ketchup bottle

a koala bear

a spider

a sand castle

a sand bucket and shovel

a bikini swimsuit

a bottle of sunblock

a balloon

a hot air balloon

a baseketball hoop

a fishing pole

a fishing lure

a park bench

a couch/sofa

an overstuffed chair

swiss cheese

a rose

a doorbell

a bell

a pineapple

a helicopter

a skull

a birdcage

inside of a medecine cabinet

a bathtub

a bubble bath

a flannel shirt

a frog

a mixer

the moon


a seagull

a lobster

a swordfish

a pair of high heels

a feather

a bow tie

a flag

a swing set

a beachball

an umbrella

a carrot

an ice cream

a ceral box

a dresser

a suitcase

a perfume bottle

a bag of groceries

a barn

a haybale


a tree

an alarm clock

a brick wall

a candy bar

a sprinkler

a log cabin

a peach

a tower

a parking meter

a party hat

an ornament

a pizza


a broom

a globe

a chef’s hat

a pine tree

a telephone pole and wires

a poinsettia flower

a sunflower

a tiki man

a pair of gloves

a shot glass

a helmet

a surfboard


a slot machine

poker chips

a tent

a baby buggy/stroller

a rattle

a bridge

corn on the cob

a coconut

a milkshake

a lighthouse

a shark

a can of ______

a windmill

a crown

a garden rake

a trolley car

a chandelier

a clay tile roof

a penguin

a bird nest

a barrel

a cottage

a can opener

the inside of a clock

a vacuum cleaner

a football

a baseball glove

a remote control

a record player



a door knob/handle

a corkscrew

a clip board

a teapot

a tea cup

roller skates

a button

a zipper

a pepper mill

a comb

olive oil

a pot/pan

mascara tube & brush



a treasure chest

a thermometer

a stop watch

a beach chair

a lawn chair

a lawn mower

a dripping faucet

a log fire

an idea


a martini

a stethoscope

a microscope

a telescope

a cheese grater

a lantern

a megaphone

a microphone

a tire swing

an alarm clock

an opened envelope

a caution cone

a rubber duck

a backpack

a panda bear

a motorcycle

a bow & arrow

a snowboard

a bridge

a mermaid


a starfish

an octopus

garden tools

a walk in the woods

a drum

a postage stamp

a spice rack

a fountain pen

a stick of melting butter

a necktie

a necklace


a Rubix cube

a snow globe

a scrub brush

a sand dune

a payphone

a shopping cart

a carousel

a lollipop

an abacus


a loaf of bread

a calculator

a bell pepper

a flute

a jar of jelly beans


a measuring cup

toy blocks

a box

a coffee machine


a pumpkin

a manual pencil sharpener

a roll of paper towels


a weather vane

a present/gift

a loose ribbon

a phonograph

a record

a box of tissues

a stove

a street corner

a grasshopper

a cupcake

an owl

a pipe

a toucan


a butterfly

a knight


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